Tashirojima: The Japanese Cat Island

A haven for moggies and the future venue for the Sick Chirpse party to end all parties – Tashirojima the cat ladies paradise.

I reckon this tiny speck of land may well be the ideal location for a Sick Chirpse party/festival. The small island of Tashirojima off the coast of Japan is full to the brim with mewing feral kitties. There’s cats as far as the eye can see, pleasant weather, few inhabitants and buildings that are shaped like manga cats. Perfect. Who’s in?

Tashirojima - Japan Cat Island - Resident Feeding

The island used to be home to around 1000 people back in the 1950s but the population has steadily dropped to just 100, most of which are in their twilight years. It’s what’s called a “terminal village” i.e. the population will soon be extinct, more than 80% are in their 60s or older. Here’s a local doing her bit for the fat cats.

Tashirojima - Japan Cat Island - Resident Feeding 2

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