Instagram’s Latest Sensation Is A Disabled “Bunny Cat” Called Roux

Two-legged cats are the newest Instagram cool.

Thanks to sites like Instagram, momentary fame is much easier to achieve than it used to be; for better or worse, that means that plenty of pillocks with no discernable skill get their taste of the limelight. On the other side of the coin, the flatulent fame bubble seems to burst a little quicker too. Easy come, easy go.

But sometimes, someone, or something gets famous for good reason. Today’s critter sampling the fame cake is the so-called bunny cat – Roux. Roux was abandoned in October 2014 by her owners when they realised that she was deficient in the leg department by a factor of two. But dry your eyes, help was found and hop-along-kitty is now safe and sound with a loving new owner.

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Why has she only got back legs? Apparently it was most likely due to a congenital condition called transverse terminal hemimeli, so there you go. Don’t worry too much though, Roux gets on just fine, thanks for asking.

Here are some pictures of the lovable bunny cat with a video on the last slide. Click on through:

Roux - Bunny Cat - Gazing Out The Window

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