The ‘Zombie Angelina Jolie’ Is Battling Coronavirus In An Iranian Jail

Get well soon.

Remember a couple of years ago when this Iranian girl rose to internet fame after she said she had 50 operations in order to look like Angelina Jolie but ended up looking more like a weird zombie instead?

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Well it turns out that she was jailed a year or so after that as Iran cracked down on social media stars – whatever that means – as she was charged with blasphemy, inciting violence and encouraging the corruption of young people via her Instagram account.

Now, things have gone from bad to worse for her after it was revealed that she was battling Coronavirus in prison on a ventilator and a judge was refusing her bail. The prison is also denying that she has contracted the disease, leading her lawyers to release the following statement on her behalf:

We find it unacceptable that this young woman has now caught the coronavirus in these circumstances.

Her detention order has also been extended during all this time in jail.

It seems like it has become a habit for the authorities to deny everything.

It makes no sense to deny this.

The prison director should acknowledge the infection and admit she has been hospitalised.

Yeah, kinda with the lawyers on that one, but when the government is throwing people in jail for posting stuff on the Instagram account I don’t think you can really expect them to be reasonable about stuff like this can you? Hope that ‘Angelina Jolie Zombie Girl’ pulls through, but it doesn’t sound like it’s looking good for her. Keep her in your thoughts.

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