Zlatan Tests Positive For COVID-19 & Says The Virus Challenging Him Was A Bad Idea

Coronavirus has met its match.

It looks like coronavirus may have finally met its match after Zlatan Ibrahimovic tested positive for the virus this week, sparking a whole bunch of ‘COVID-19 has tested positive for Zlatan’ style jokes usually reserved for Chuck Norris.

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Zlatan, who will now miss at least a couple games for AC Milan, isn’t worried in the slightest:

I don’t doubt it for a second. I mean coronavirus has REALLY fucked up now. You don’t just infect a footballing god like Zlatan without asking for his permission first. Now that he’s being forced to quarantine and miss a couple of upcoming games, Zlatan has been left with no choice but to destroy coronavirus for good. You have to think the virus has either never heard of Zlatan or infected him by accident because the last thing you want to do is piss this man off. Now he’s on Twitter saying the virus challenging him was a bad idea and we can only imagine what sort of revenge he’ll be cooking up in quarantine.

Which makes you wonder – why have we been wasting our time waiting for this vaccine when we could have just asked Zlatan to sort it out back in March? This is a guy with zero fear whatsoever. If Zlatan says the virus challenging him was a bad idea, then we’ve got no choice but to believe him.

I mean just look at how composed he is in these following clips:

No fear whatsoever.

As we all know, he can talk the talk too:

RIP COVID-19 2019 – 2020. Someone let Bill Gates know the vaccine won’t be necessary.

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