Watch Yusuke Yamamoto Jump This Absolutely Insane Train Line Gap On His Mountain Bike


Balls of steel.

Once again, another extreme athlete has looked at something that seems impossible and then completely and utterly smashed it out of the park.

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This time it’s Yusuke Yamamoto from Burnaby, BC who decided to take his mountain bike up to a legendary gap over a trainline near between Whistler and Pemberton in order to jump it. In the video below you’ll see him brick it a few times and give up before eventually absolutely nailing the jump and going absolutely crazy:

Geez. No way. I liked the fact that the video showed this guy bricking it a few times before he actually attempted it, which was something a bit different because normally these videos are shot like the guys taking these risks have absolutely no fear and couldn’t care less about getting hurt. That made the fact that he landed the jump even better.

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