Watch Chris Joslin Become The First Ever Skater To 360 Flip The Legendary Davis Gap

Davis Gap


The Davis gap is one of the most legendary gaps in skating because it’s so high and so long that it’s almost impossible to land any kind of trick on it. Hell, people are still banging on about when Jamie Thomas ollied it back in 1998 to give you some perspective on it.

Chris Joslin was a pretty unheard of skater before this video came out but he wrote himself into skating folklore by becoming the first person to nail a 360 flip off of it. The video below charters his quest to do this and is called ‘My War’, even though it didn’t really even take him that long to do it or even seem like a struggle as it only took him 12 attempts. No worries.

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12th attempt? Absolutely ridiculous. I guess that’s what skating is all about though – taking someone’s trick and making it even better. Watch out for Chris Joslin in the future.

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