YouTuber James Charles Faces Backlash For Pregnancy Photoshoot With Prosthetic Bump

This is awkward.

I usually try and stay away from the beauty YouTuber stories from people like James Charles and Jefree Starr because it’s so goddamn seedy, weird and messed up, but sometimes you can’t help but get involved when one of them does something completely and utterly outrageous like this again.

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This time it’s the turn of James Charles, who for some reason has decided to perform a pregnancy photoshoot with a prosthetic bump as he decided to feign carrying a baby for the day. The photoshoot was to promote a new video where he underwent a series of challenges and tasks to see if he was tough enough to handle being pregnant or not, but unfortunately for him he’s met quite a backlash for putting it out there like this:


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Yeah, I gotta say I agree with most of these people. Firstly it’s just strange, weird and confusing that James Charles would want to pose like that – although in fairness, he’s already a pretty strange, weird and confusing person in the first place – and secondly it’s just useless content that I doubt anyone is interested in. It probably wouldn’t cross my mind immediately that it might be offensive to women who can’t get pregnant, but you would have thought that there would have been someone in his team along the way who might have made that suggestion. Really inept work from them.

I’m not sure if this will end up with James Charles being cancelled as that post already had 3 million likes despite the backlash, but we can but hope hey? Beauty Instagram/social media is so crooked though  I doubt it will even make a dent on his following.

For more of the same, check out when he lost 2.6 million followers after he was accused of sexual misconduct. Hot damn – that’s the kind of thing that will make a difference.


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