This Dude Took 4 Doses Of LSD, Stabbed His Mate, Then Stole A Truck And Rammed It Into Pedestrians

The acid trip from hell.

One of the most terrifying feelings a person can have is blacking out from drink/drugs and then waking up the next day and having no idea what you got up to the night before. I’m pretty sure Betai Koffi from California can relate.

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The 32-year-old YouTube software engineer is facing attempted murder charges after dropping 4 doses of acid on the Fourth of July and going on an absolute rampage that injured eight people.

Here’s how it went down according to Heavy: Koffi first consumed two doses of LSD at around 12pm. Between 4pm and 5pm, Koffi consumed two more doses of LSD and a few hours later he tried to leave the holiday home he had rented with 5 friends in the 600 block of Swan Drive shortly before 8pm.

While attempting to leave, Koffi ‘punched a woman in the chest and side, then stabbed a man with a pencil, and choked another man, and punched another man in the face’. According to police, while a security guard was speaking with Koffi, he picked up a landscape light and stabbed the guard in the chest. Koffi then stole the guard’s truck and drove straight towards a man and woman who were walking in the area.

He ‘violently hit the woman with the truck causing significant injuries’ (the man was uninjured), then drove toward another couple and hit a second woman, causing significant injuries to her as well.

Koffi then tried to ram the truck into a bunch of police cars that showed up, and got shot ‘at least three times’ through the windshield before being flown to hospital where he remains in critical condition.

He has been charged with two counts of attempted murder, three counts of assault with a deadly weapon and one charge of carjacking for the incidents leading up to the officer involved shooting.

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Well what a wild trip that turned out to be. Imagine waking up in hospital one day and discovering that you went on a bender that included assault, attempted murder, carjacking and getting shot 3 times by police. He stabbed his mate with a pencil, stabbed a security guard with a landscape light, stole a truck and rammed it into a bunch of people. Then he tried to ram the truck into a police car and got lit up for his troubles. It’s amazing that he actually survived (well, so far – he’s still critical).

Maybe just drink some beer and smoke a zut next time? You know, like a normal person. Oh wait, he’s probably going to jail for a long time if he survives. Never mind.

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