YouTube Channel Lets You Watch Classic Korean Films For Free Following Parasite’s Oscar Success

Take a dip into a different cinematic experience.

The Oscars came and went last Sunday night and there’s no denying that the big winner of the night was Bong Joon-Ho’s ‘Parasite’ which managed to scoop four awards and become the first non English language movie to win a Best Picture gong as well as one for Best Director and Best Original Screenplay (the other one was for Best International Foreign Film).

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Due to the movie’s success, widespread interest has once again been reignited in Korean cinema and if you want to impress your mates down the boozer – or seem a bit arty and cultured on your next Tinder date – then you can get to know a lot about the history of the genre via The Korean Film Archive’s YouTube channel. Whilst you’re not going to see more modern classic like ‘Oldboy’, ‘Audition’, ‘R-Point’ or ‘The Handmaiden’, you will get to see stuff that dates back to the 1940s and the so called Golden Age of Korean cinema from the mid 1950s – early 70s.

Titles that you might want to check out include Chang-ho Lee’s experimental drama ‘The Man With Three Coffins’, Lee Jang-ho’s ‘Between the Knees‘ (as the title suggests, it a bit NSFW), and Im Kwon-taek’s critically acclaimed ‘The Surrogate Woman’. Providing that you can deal with subtitles – and let’s face it in 2020, who’s still complaining about them? then there are a lot of great movies out there that are available for free and a hell of a lot more interesting than your standard Saturday night Netflix fare. What have you got to lose?

For more of the same, check out the trailer to ‘Train To Busan’ – another completely sick recent Korean movie. So much going on over there.


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