South Korean Horror ‘Train To Busan’ Looks Like The Scariest Zombie Flick Of The Decade

Train to Busan

All aboard the zombie train.

It’s hard to find too many refreshing takes on the zombie genre these days because there are only so many ways that a bunch of people can get super terrified by a bunch of scary ass creepers trying to eat them.

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Having said that, if they’re done well, then most zombie movies are better than the rest and it usually only takes one slight difference to make it more interesting. A new South Korean movie ‘Train To Busan’ seems to have done this by setting the whole movie on a train – looks like it’s going to be completely insane from the trailer below:

Yep, I’m not really confident of anyone getting off that train alive when there are literally hordes of zombies between them. But I’m sure that isn’t going to stop me from seeing it and watching these fools try to repel the zombie invasion while the bad parent tries to save his kid from pure death. Good luck with that old timer.

For another movie that looks like a refreshing take on the zombie genre, check out the trailer for Here Alone too.


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