Young Thug Tries To Rob 72 Year Old With Jiu Jitsu Coral Belt; Gets Absolutely Pounded

Jiu Jitsue Master Punks Young Thug

Well, that’s embarrassing.

When you’re a young thug trying to pick a pocket or two to get by, you’re probably going to go after people that look like they’re unsuspecting old timers because they’re the easiest marks. 99% of the time you would probably be correct.

Unfortunately the other 1% of the time you might end up coming face to face with a Jiu Jitsu Coral Belt and getting absolutely punked like the kid in this video. He’s been pinned on the ground in the street by the old man, who takes shots at him whenever he wants for the duration of this video, as do the rest of the people gathered around him.

If you’re gonna mess with an old guy, make sure you’ve got the moves or at least can run away quick enough. Check this video of a 17 year old weed dealer choking out a 34 year old customer who refused to pay if you want to see how it’s done for next time kid.


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