Can You Stomach This Video Of A Girl With The World’s Worst Head Lice Infestation?


Nightmare material.

I’m sure many of us have suffered head lice before. Being a girl with long hair, I certainly have, although luckily mine weren’t bad enough to see them and I managed to obliterate the fuckers (or at least my mum did) with that special shampoo.

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The same can’t be said for this poor girl over in Mexico, who might just be up there with one of the worst head lice infestations we’ve ever seen. Unbelievably, the lice were only discovered when she visited the salon, leaving the employees there stunned. As you can see in the video, her head is completely crawling:

Just watching that makes my skin feel all tickly. How can you even let it get to that point? Surely once you saw one or two insects crawling around in your hair you’d get yourself down to the barber ASAP? Either way, hopefully the girl managed to get the right treatment to get those grimy bastards out of her lovely barnet.

For another horrific head lice video (just in case that one wasn’t enough for you), click HERE.


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