The Man With The World’s Worst Head Lice Infestation Is Living An Absolute Nightmare

World's Worst Head Lice Infestation

This will have you scratching your head in no time.

I remember back in the day when I was at primary school, head lice were a real problem. Like a massive problem – they would always have educational videos and classes about them and it would creep me out, especially when it turned out I had some and had to be sent home from school and have that horrible metal comb crawl through my scalp.

Since then though, I haven’t really heard too much about them and I haven’t really even thought about it. Do they not exist amongst adults? Have they died out? Are children still routinely having to wash their hair with that horrible burning shampoo? I really don’t know because like I said I haven’t really thought about it at all since then, but then you see this video and you know that there’s still a problem with them, at least somewhere in the world.

There isn’t really much information about what’s going on here, other than the fact that it’s not in an English speaking country, but it seems like an adult and it looks absolutely disgusting because he has about 1000 of those horrible things  crawling around in his hair and it doesn’t look like they’re leaving any time soon either. Absolutely rank.

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My skin is itching just watching that. If I hadn’t just had a haircut then I might have had to go dig out that metal comb – hopefully it wouldn’t end up looking like this because that’s even more skin crawling than the video above.


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