You Can Now Listen To Every Aphex Twin Song Played At The Same Time

RIP eardrums.

Aphex Twin — who doesn’t like his music? He pretty much created an entire genre and so many of his tracks are perfect to drop a bean to.

YouTuber, Jean-Luc Picard, loves his music so much that he decided to merge all of his songs together into an 11-minute track. The outcome is as you would predict — a massive fucking mess.

About 6 minutes in there is a section that doesn’t resemble white noise mixed with your neighbour taking the bins out, but it’s still not great and very unnerving.

As Jean-Luc says:

It starts off pleasant like a brick in a washing machine and evolves into full on Kazumoto Endo level insanity by about 3 minutes.

Hmmmm. I for sure would not describe the start as “pleasant”. See for yourself:

Mad hey? Did you manage to pick out any of your favourites?

One good use you could get out of this is downloading it onto your mate’s playlist or phone when they’re not looking — imagine that blasting through your headphones on the way to work.

Still I think I’d rather listen to that than Iggy Azalea’s new track. That shit is whack.


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