2014’s Best Tracks To Drop A Bean To



2014 has been a fruitful year for dance music. We’ve been treated to brand new albums from Flying Lotus, Rustie, Aphex Twin and Caribou as well as a slew of fantastic EP releases across the board. But which are the best tracks to drop a couple of beans to?

You know, tunes that you can pop a couple of garys to and gurn your sweet little jaw off till you look like Quasimodo’s ugly half-brother. So before you start your weekend, make sure you listen to these rippers and get yourself suitably lubed up for 48-hours of Halloween jaw-clenching.

Aphex Twin ‘minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix]’

The master of weird and fucked-up dance music returns with some more weird and fucked up dance music.

Sailor & I ‘Turn Around’ (Ame Remix)

This is the 4am jam that you close your eyes to and sway on the spot. Obviously when you open them you’ll see 100 other mugs doing the same but it’s a sweet track nonetheless.

Evian Christ ‘Fuck Idol’

Gnarly fucking trap that you’ll be screwing your face to, with or without some strong ninja-turtles.

Guy Gerber & Dixon ‘No Distance’

Similar to the Ame remix of Sailor & I. Weird, trippy techno that’s made for the early hours of the morning.

Martyn & Four Tet ‘Glassbeadgames’ (8 Hours at Fabric dub)

8 hours at Fabric seems like nothing when you’ve got a pocket full of pingers and this track blaring out. Superb stuff from Martyn and Four Tet.

Paul Woolford ‘Erotic Discourse’ (Dense & Pika remix)

About as erotic as a sweaty techno basement rave but that’s exactly where you want to hear this. Proper fist-pumper.

Gus Gus ‘Crossfade’ (Maceo Plex remix)

Maceo once again slams out the side-winding techno and we’ve heard that if you’re fucked enough it’s possible to swallow your own face when the drop hits.

Midland ‘Trace’ (Grain Remix)

This one dropped earlier in the year and although the original was smashed harder than Kim Kardashian’s back doors, it’s a cracking remix from Grain.

Daniel Avery ‘Knowing We’ll Be Here’ (KiNK remix)

An uplifting remix by KiNK that urges you to grab the nearest person and hug them in that irritating yet unavoidable pilled-up frenzy.

Caribou ‘Can’t Do Without You’ (Mano Le Tough & Tale Of Us remix)

Similar to the above but with more OOF. This one’s been hammered far and wide all summer but if we’re honest we fucking love it



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