You Can Now Have Webcam Sex With Any Person You Know Using Facial Recognition Software

Webcam Sex

Not creepy at all.

You know that girl (or guy) that you always wanted to hook up with who was just way too out of your league so there was never any hope of that happening at all, so much so that you never even attempted talking to them at all?

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Yeah, we’ve all got our Everest out there and it turns out that it might be able to reach the summit without even having to do anything, thanks to some new facial recognition software from a Belgian company called Megacams. You basically upload an image of the person you dream about having sex with to their search engine, and the software finds someone that looks almost exactly like them for you to have sex with (jerk off over) in virtual reality. Fantastic.

Megacams are the first company to do this and it’s sure to be atactic that’s going to draw countless overweight, ugly losers to their website in record numbers. They’ve currently got 180,000 camera performers, with at least 5000 on at any one time, so you should be a blue to find someone who looks at least kinda similar to you crush whenever you want to log on. What’s not to like about that?


Well, apart from the fact it’s insanely creepy and gross of course, it seems like an absolute winner. And like I said, you just know it’s going to get an incredible amount of weirdos/losers/virgins heading to the site trying to jerk off to someone who looks like Angelina Jolie or Beyonce or the girl who sits opposite them at the office or whoever. Absolutely sick idea from them to be fair, even if it is a little messed up. It’s gonna make them a lot of money though, that’s for sure.

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It’ll probably be the norm for stuff like this in a decade anyway, might as well get with the program. For more ways technology is going to change your porn experience for the better, click here. The future is now.


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