You Can Now Buy A Pac Man Suit

Pac Man Suit

If you want to look sharp this year then look no further.

For some reason – I suppose if you and your girlfriend are obsessed with retro video games and you want to look fly at someone’s wedding or your own? Or if you want to impress all the babes down at your local arcade on Friday night?  (grasping at straws here) – a company called Opposuits has decided to release a Pac Man suit.

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The suit includes the iconic maze, dots, power-pellets, Inky, Pinky, Blinky, Clyde, and Pakku-Man himself and to be honest really does look the part if this is the kind of style you’re going for. Or if you’re appearing in a Ryan Reynolds/Adam Sandler movie as the crazy video game obsessed uncle who never grew up and really need a costume. Check it out in all its glory below – there’s even a matching pair of shoes too to complete the look:

<Pac Man Suit>

<Pac Man Shoes>

Dapper. The whole suit will only set you back $109.99 which seems remarkably cheap for such a novelty outfit. Not really sure how much use you would get out of it though, even if you’re that guy who likes to cruise arcades every Friday night.

For more Pac Man, check out this real life Pac Man maze.


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