You Can Buy A VIP Ticket For Justin Bieber’s New Year’s Eve Gig In Miami For $500K


Justin Bieber has taken the piss a lot during his career, but he seems to have calmed down in recent times since the release of the Purpose record last year. However this latest piece of news about him is absolutely taking the piss in possibly the worst way yet.

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Justin has been booked to appear at Fontainebleu’s in Miami on New Year’s Eve and if you’re interested in attending then you can buy an Ultimate VIP Package for the sweet price of just $500,000. Yeah that’s right, a measly half a million dollars to see Justin Bieber on NYE in Miami. I’m sure you’ll agree this would be totally 100% worth it.

Of course, the Biebs concert isn’t the only thing you’ll get for this price so let’s a take a look at what else is on offer:


Tickets for you and nine friends.

A 5 night stay for the whole crew at the Fontainebleau’s Sorrento Penthouse.

Access to the poolside cabana.

Comped meals.

A stage front table for the concert.

Free use of sick cars like Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Rolls-Royces or McLarens.

Private escort to Skrillex’s set at LIV after the Bieber show.

Yacht charter to STORY nightclub where Marshmello’s performing, plus meet and greet.

Unlimited bottles of Armand de Brignac Brut Gold champagne (worth $6,500 per bottle).

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OK I suppose when you put it like that it doesn’t actually sound that outrageous for what you’re getting and it’s technically only $50,000 each too for a five night stay in a sick hotel with a load of sick perks. If you manage to drink 10 bottles of the champagne as well during your trip then you will have made your money back easily, so you’re actually kinda making money by dong that. Sorted.

Even though I don’t know who Marshmello, if I can find ten friends with that kind of money I might consider checking it out – I mean NYE is always such a letdown anyway, there’s no way that this trip could suck is there? Hit me up if you’re up for it.

For more Justin Bieber, check out this video of hims falling off the stage HARD. Hope he doesn’t do that on NYE.


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