Swiss Star Yapi-Yapo Forced To Retire After ‘Worst Tackle Ever’

Yapi-Yapo Horror Tackle

The definition of career ending tackle.

We’ve featured a few of the ‘worst tackles ever’ on Sick Chirpse – this player getting banned for 28 matches springs to mind – but I don’t think any of them have actually managed to end the career of another player.

That’s exactly what happened to FC Zurich and Switzerland star Yapi-Yapo on Sunday though. He was taken out so badly by Aarau player Sandro Wieser that he’s managed to tear anterior and interior ligaments, his kneecap tendon and suffer massive cartilage damage. Ooof. It’s predicted that as Yapi-Yapo is the ripe old age of 32 now that he’ll be forced to retire as a result of the horrific injuries.

Wieser was shown a straight red card and has showed little remorse for his actions despite the fact that a lot of people are branding it the worst tackle of all time and Zurich are probably going to sue him for compensation for losing Yapi-Yapo. To be fair when you watch it you’ll agree it is high and late but I don’t think it’s malicious and it’s only because Yapi-Yapo plants his leg afterwards that so much damage is done. Granted, it’s not a good tackle but I think Yapi-Yapo is unlucky and it doesn’t deserve to be called the worst tackle ever.

Thoughts? It’s certainly not as bad as this Paulo Guerrero horror tackle from a couple of years back.


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