‘World’s Hottest Weather Girl’ Joins OnlyFans And Drops NSFW Teaser Trailer

Ay dios mio!

A few years back, the internet stumbled upon Mexican weather girl Yanet Garcia and turned her into an absolute megastar overnight.

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Well it took a while, but Garcia is finally set to join the OnlyFans revolution where she’s set to make an absolute fortune. How does anyone know for sure that her OnlyFans is going to be successful? Well, the teaser trailer she put out on Instagram already has 1.2 million views!

That’s a lot of people getting very excited about the prospect of a Yanet Garcia OnlyFans. In fact based on everything I’ve read about the type of money women make on that site, I’m guessing she’ll be a billionaire in about 3 weeks. As we always say, if there are idiots out there willing to pay money for this sort of thing when the alternative is literal free porn, then fair play to women like Garcia taking advantage before the bubble bursts.

She sure has come a long way since being dumped by her boyfriend so he could play competitive Call of Duty 5 years ago. Go Yanet Go!

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