Gamer Who Split Up With The World’s Hottest Weather Girl To Play Call Of Duty Loses World Championship

Douglas Martin

Worth it?

You might think that if you’re dating one of the world’s hottest weather girls and playing Call Of Duty for a living then you might have it made, but you would be completely wrong as pro gamer Douglas Martin was in that situation and decided to ditch Yanet Garcia so he could concentrate on playing Call Of Duty and winning the world championships. Solid choice.

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Unfortunately for him though, this is a gamble that hasn’t exactly paid off as the world championships went down last weekend and it turns out he lost. This is despite the fact he bankrolled the whole operation by paying his team members thousands of dollars a month and then proceeded to practice with them every day for about three months or something.

In the end though, even after cutting Yanet out of his life, it still wasn’t enough and you can watch a detailed video where he talks about all of it below and how upset he is that he told everyone he was gonna win the world championship ring and now he hasn’t got one to show for him:

Wow – I knew eSports were big but I really had no idea the level of passion that waas instilled in stuff like this. Can’t decide if it’s really cool or really lame, although I do love the fact that everyone is making out that this guy split up with his girlfriend to concentrate on winning the title and then he completely blew it thanks to some ‘little mistakes’. Maybe next year dude – keep on plugging.

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