Shocking Footage Of XXXTentacion Bragging About Nearly Beating Gay Man To Death In Prison Emerges

What a piece of work this guy was.

Earlier today we shared a list of all the horrific things XXXTentacion had put his ex-girlfriend through while they were together – it makes for seriously grim reading.

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Well as more details of the 20-year-old rapper’s controversial past come to light, a clip has resurfaced from a podcast interview he gave in 2016 in which he brags about nearly beating a gay man to death in prison… for staring at him.

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Let’s just say he doesn’t seem remorseful in the slightest:

We had these like concrete slabs for beds and then there’s Styrofoam type-s**t over the top, so I pulled off the strofoam shit off and threw his head on the corner, and I started stomping on his jaw and s**t

I just remember I put his head on the corner, and when I did that I started to strangle him… long story short, I was going to kill him because of what he did.

Explaining what led him to see red:

Bro, I was naked and he was just staring at me! You feel me?

So like I’m strangling him and he’s leaking, leaking [blood and bodily fluids] like type-s**t, and I’m about to kill this n****r . And luckily, to my luck, luckily – because, I wouldn’t be here today speaking to you or be this successful – luckily a guard came over and saw this.

This n****r screams out and he hears it… I got his blood all over my hands, all over my chest. Don’t think I’m trying to be a cliché or f**king weido anything when I say this, but I was going crazy.

Laughing as he recalls the story, he adds:

I smeared his blood all over my face, it got in my nose… I got it in my nails… I had it all over me.

So they open it [the cell] and they get me out, and I go out and I tell them, “I told you all! I told you all I was gonna kill him!”

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Like we said in our earlier post – total scumbag. Sure it’s tragic when any 20-year-old loses their life, especially in violent circumstances, but it’s OK to acknowledge that XXXTentacion was a terrible, terrible person while also accepting that young men being murdered is sad.

On the plus side, we now don’t feel as bad sharing the footage of him getting KO’d on stage by a rival rapper.


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