Watch Miami Rapper XXXTentacion Get Sucker Punched Live On Stage, Leading To A Full Scale Riot


Someone in the audience was stabbed.

Even though most of them are safer than visiting your grandparents, hip hop/rap shows always have that air around them that something dangerous might go down and that’s because of videos like the one below.

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Miami rapper XXXTentacion is apparently kinda popular even though I haven’t ever heard of him (doesn’t mean much) and he took to the stage in San Diego last night unaware of what was about to happen to him. Namely, some guy was going to jump on stage and punch his lights out, inciting a full scale riot where someone ends up getting stabbed:

Whoa, the video probably went on a bit long, but that was one hell of a punch – where the hell was security? Oh yeah, apparently they were in on it and the venue were as well. At least according to XXXTentacion himself:

Wow – can you say conspiracy theory? I don’t really know if this is the last we’ve heard of this, but considering somebody got stabbed after this and then there was a full scale riot outside, we could be looking at a whole new East Coast V West Coast thing. OK, I got no real clue about that but you never know, right? 90s nostalgia/throwbacks are all the rage right now, so why not?

I also gotta say how funny it is when XXTentacion pretending to sing into the microphone and he gets socked and then the backing track keeps going when he’s laid out on the floor. Smooth dude, real smooth.

For more people getting beat up on stage, check out this girl getting fly kicked off stage by the lead singer of a punk band. No messing.


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