Girl Calls Boyfriend On Her Co-Worker, Poor Guy Receives 2 Rock Bottoms For His Troubles (VIDEO)

Do you smell what The Rock is cookin’?

What’s more emasculating than being hit with a WWE finishing move in a real life fight?

How about being hit with TWO WWE finishing moves in a real life fight, on camera,  and in front of your girlfriend after she’s just called you into work to defend her honour against a disrespectful co-worker…

Yup, that could not have gone any worse for the poor guy. Turns up trying to instigate a fight and ends up getting battered by the minimum-wage Dwayne Johnson. Gotta feel for his girlfriend too. Gonna be a very quiet day when she clocks in at work tomorrow. Probably gonna be quiet around their house for a while in general.

On the plus side he managed to get up quick enough to not then be on the receiving end of a People’s Elbow – now that would have been seriously embarrassing.

Never forget…

To watch a dude get hit with a Ric Flair chop in the middle of a real life restaurant fight, click HERE. As the Nature Boy would say – WOOOOO!


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