WWE Legend Ric Flair Reckons He Banged Halle Berry


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The lifestyle of a wrestling legend is one of the most bizarre and weird worlds that you can step into, with some of the stories that emanate from it completely and utterly baffling. This is one of those times.

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Out of absolutely nowhere, wrestling legend Ric Flair has decided to announce that he once had sex with genuine celebrity Halle Berry back in the 90s. Apparently this is common knowledge amongst wrestling fans, although I used to be one of those and have never heard about it.

The comments came on Ric Flair’s podcast, where a fan named Goober asked Flair if he had hooked up with any celebrities in the section of the show called ‘Ask Naitch’ (Naitch is short for Nature Boy, Flair’s nickname). Of course, he casually throws out that he’s bedded Halle Berry, back when she was splitting up with baseball player David Justice (great name btw):

Well, Flair certainly sounds confident there and is saying it freely in a public place so he must at least think it’s true. But can we really believe that a bonafide babe like Halle Berry in her prime was getting it on with an old coked-up man with saggy man boobs like Ric Flair? Maybe it was the way he shouted ‘Wooo’ whilst he was ramming her from behind and doing lines off her back that kept her coming back for more?

I can’t really believe that, but I suppose stranger things have happened in the world of wrestling, like the story of Chris Benoit, which is shortly going to be made into a movie.


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