The WWE Paid An Excellent Tribute To Chyna Last Night In An Emotional Video



WWE legend Chyna sadly passed away last Thursday, although her death was slightly overshadowed by the fact that Prince was also discovered dead on the same day. I mean, I think if anyone else famous in the world had died that day then it was always going to be blown out of the water by the fact that Prince died on the same day so I’m sure no one is that surprised about that.

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In any case, the fact that Chyna had somewhat of a fractious relationship with the WWE following her acrimonious exit from the company meant that some people questioned how they would react to her death when Raw rocked around last night. Well, as you would probably expect from a company such as theirs, they put together an excellent highlight package of her time at the forefront of wrestling in a fantastic tribute video.

The video features loads of highlights interspersed with the social media response of many legendary WWE superstars following her death. There’s also a lot of footage of her and Eddie Guerrero together which will probably give you even more feels. Get ready:

Yeah, that really drives it home what a trailblazer she was for the WWE, achieving so many firsts during her time with the company – first intercontinental champion, first woman in the Royal Rumble and just a genuine badass overall. RIP.

Maybe watch the craziest moments from the Undertaker and Shane McMahon’s Hell In A Cell match afterwards to try and cheer you up.


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