Watch The Craziest Moment From Shane McMahon And The Undertaker’s Hell In A Cell Match Last Night

Shane McMahon

Shane jumped off the top of the cell onto the Undertaker, obviously.

Wrestlemania went down last night and I’ve heard overall that it was fairly disappointing, but one match seemed to be universally praised due to the crazy amount of action we saw in it. As usual, it was The Undertaker stealing the show in his favourite style of match, the Hell In A Cell.

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Shane McMahon returned to Raw a few weeks ago and immediately got thrown into a match with The Undertaker for Wrestlemania. As anyone who can remember Shane McMahon from back in the Attitude Era, you knew he was going to take a few bumps in this match and he certainly didn’t disappoint, with his biggest moment coming when he jumped off the top of the cage onto a prone Undertaker lying on a table. Unfortunately the Undertaker moved, obviously so he just went crashing through the table. Ouch.

The Undertaker went on to nail him with a Tombstone after that and win the match. Shane was taken to the back on a stretcher. I didn’t see the match myself but I’m being told there were a number of other crazy spots in it and Shane O Mac got the absolutely shit kicked out of him, like we all know he can. I’ll probably try and check it out later.

Of course, we all know that it’ll never have anything on Mankind and the Undertaker’s classic 1998. Hell In A Cell match.


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