Former WWE Wrestler/Diva Chyna Has Passed Away


RIP to the first female Intercontinental champion.

According to her official Twitter account, Joanie Laurer – better known to most of us as Chyna – has passed away.

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If you were a fan of the WWE in the Attitude Era, then there’s no doubt that you’ll fail to remember Chyna. As a member of Degeneration X, the 9th Wonder Of The World and HHH’s stacked girlfriend, she regularly managed to kick the ass of most of the male wrestlers as well as the females. Listed among her achievements were the fact that she was the first female number one contender for the WWE title, the first female entrant for King Of The Ring and the first female Intercontinental Champion.

I tried to find the match where she beat Jeff Jarrett for the title and stick in in below (I believe it was a ‘Good Housekeeping Match, whatever that means) but it didn’t look like it was on YouTube, so here’s one of her fighting Kurt Angle instead:

Unfortunately, after HHH hooked up with Stephanie McMahon it seemed like Chyna’s time was up in the WWE. She stuck around for a bit on her own, but dropped out of the company in late 2001.

Since then she’s had a very public battle with substance abuse and been prone to bouts of completely weird behaviour, like when she made this video of herself twerking in her bedroom. No details of her death have been released at this point, but given the fact that she was only 45 we’re not thinking it was from natural causes and probably had something to do with her various demons.

TMZ are saying that she was found dead in her apartment on her own surrounded by prescription medication so it seems like it was probably from a drug overdoes. It’s not currently being treated as suspicious.

Hopefully the WWE can now posthumously induct her into the Hall Of Fame – something that she had been trying to achieve for the last few years of her life. It’s just a shame that she won’t be around to see it. RIP.


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