The Writers Of Predator Revealed Their Ideas For Sequels And They Absolutely Rule


Why did none of these ever happen?

Predator stands alone as an absolute classic of the genre, with the sequel and all other movies that feature the creature never quite scaling the heights of the 1987 original.

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It could have been so different though, as the writers revealed at a recent 30th anniversary event that they had several ideas for sequels that never materialised for whatever reason, and they sound like absolute dynamite. Jim Thomas and John Thomas were speaking at the event in Arkansas when they said the following (alternatively just watch it below):

We had an idea where at the end [of Predator], with the burned up clearing where the explosion happens… [Predator 2] opens there. Predator’s invisible feet come into view and a hand plunges down into the dust, into the ashes, and brings up the Predator’s arm and then activates the computer and get’s a readout to see everything that had happened up to that time, focusing on Arnold, and “this is my target.” We went from there and we had to think of how to bring Arnold back into it.

We also had an idea about doing a World War 2 version in the Battle of the Bulge, in the middle of the winter. A German foot platoon and an American platoon separated and had a stalemate fighting each other off when the Predator shows up. They have to join together to defeat it. We thought the snow Predator effect would be quite different.

Yeah, I mean both of those ideas sounds completely sick right. Who knows, if Shane Black’s remake brings in the bank when it’s released next year, we might even get to see some version of the second idea in the not too distant future. We can but hope, although we should probably hope that Black’s remake turns out to be decent first.

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