These Two Amateur Wrestlers Jumping Off A Roof Through Glass And Fire Is The WORST IDEA EVER

Brave or just plain stupid?

I have no idea if the two wannabe wrestlers in this video are being paid to do this, but if they are it’s certainly not much. It might actually be one of the most insane moves I’ve ever seen pulled off in pro wrestling context.

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It took place in Howell, New Jersey the other day and features John Zandig (who’s 45 years old btw) taking on a guy named Joey Janela. To cut a long story short they both leave the ring and wind up on a nearby roof, where something positively bonkers occurs.

Watch below:

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Blimey. Here’s another angle:

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Well, as long as they’re enjoying themselves, I guess? I personally can think of better ways to spend my afternoon than diving off a building and breaking face through fire and glass. You won’t even catch the highest-paid guys in WWE daring to try a move like that, and for good reason – it’s pretty fucking stupid.

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