Here Are Some Of The Worst Airline Meals In History



One of the worst parts of flying is that feeling of dread you get when they bring along the in flight meal, because nine times out of ten it’s going to be absolutely terrible and not something you ever really want to be eating under any circumstances.

However, the meals you’ll see on the slideshow really do take the biscuit and are probably the worst airline meals you’ll ever see in your entire life. The number one worst meal ever is just absolutely disgusting – you can see it above and it was served on a Delta Airlines flight. It’s meant to be a sun dried tomato sandwich but it looks more like a turd sandwich with some semen sauce. Brutal.

Once you’ve finished looking at these, check out the last meals of prisoners on Death Row because that is some top notch stuff in comparison to this dross.

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‘Cheese Sauce And Burger’ – RyanAir

Ryanair Burger.jpg

‘Burger’ – North Korea’s Air Koryo

FW: PMS request - more horrible plane meal pics.jpeg

‘Pancakes’ – KLM

KLM pancake.jpg

‘Meatball Sub’ – RyanAir

ryan air meat ball sub.jpg

‘Omelette’ – Airline Unknown

freebird airlines.jpg

‘Gouda Sandwich’ – Thompson Airlines

thomson airways 110 frozen gouda greece and united states.JPG

‘Peaches’ – Ukraine International

ukraine international.jpg

‘Mushrooms And Crisps’ (what?) – Ukraine International

iran air sandwich omelette crisps.jpg



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