China are responsible for the world’s fattest four year old

Most children go though a phase where they hold onto a bit of extra puppy fat, though most children eventually grow out of this. However, one young boy in China has a bit more than puppy fat, more like absolutely-fvcking-huge-great-dane fat. Lu Zhihao is thought to be the world’s heaviest four year old, weighing in at a whopping 132lbs (9 stone 6 pounds) at a height of 3”7.

I dread to think what happened to the rest of that chicken

His parents report that he had a rapid increase in appetite at just 3 months and it looks like he just hasn’t stopped since then. He’s visited numerous doctors but they can’t seem to find any medical diagnosis. This may seem obvious but shouldn’t someone just introduce the poor kid to a salad?

The next Glenn Waddle? Sorry I meant Hoddle...


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