The World’s Smallest Condom Is Now Available

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We all know someone who needs this.

Condoms are already fairly annoying at the best of times – although undeniably useful and important – so imagine how frustrating they must be if you had a genuinely small penis to negotiate with when getting one on as well. Pretty freaking annoying I imagine.

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So if this applies to you – or your mate who you’re definitely going to tag in this article – then you should be stoked that a company called TheyFit has produced what they’re terming the world’s smaller condom. TheyFit already offer condoms in an incredible 66 different sizes, but the last addition to their family is the E55 that measure 125mm long (4.92 inches) with a width of 45mm.

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Hmm – that doesn’t actually sound that small and I’m not sure if that’s going to help you out if you’ve got a micropenis, but I guess it’s a step in the right direction. TheyFit are also offering a size that’s even smaller than that but you have to order it anonymously and it really is titchy – 3.1 inches long and 41mm in width. That sounds about right.

I assume that you can buy both sizes fairly easily from TheyFit’s website. Even if you don’t need them yourself you might want to order one for your mate for Christmas or something because you know that would be top banter right there. You know it makes sense.

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