World’s Most Unfortunate Piglet Born With Testicles Instead Of Eyes

Pig with testicle eyes

Factory farming at its best.

If you ever needed solid evidence that factory farming is totally messing with our planet, then this would be it. A piglet was born this week with testicles instead of eyes.

What’s weird is everything else seems to have formed pretty normally — even the eye bollocks look quite healthy. They’re just in the wrong place. It’s really unfortunate, although the piglet was euthanised so he probably was only uncomfortable for a short amount of time.

Shocked pigs

Reddit user angryarcher loaded the story and said:

I’m not even sure if it was male or female.

I do know that it was alive and probably brain dead.

When other users speculated whether it was real or not, angryarcher said:

For all the people claiming this is impossible I can guarantee it is [real].

With the amount of inbreeding and billions of pigs born in the US both in the commercial and breeding side of the industry, mutations happen.

It’s the same with people, enough are produced that some are born with extra appendages or even chromosomes.

I’ve got to say I’m with archer on this one. This is just one of many pig deformities that have come out in recent weeks, like the one who was born without a face (see picture).

Pig with no face

Problem is if we keep factory farming and using chemicals to grow our animals, every now and then one is going to come out with his dick on his chin or something. But I guess that is the price we pay in order to eat delicious bacon. If you ever feel bad, just remember — bacon wrapped grilled cheese sandwich.


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