This Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese Sandwich Looks Like The Most Awesome Sandwich Ever



You know how bacon sandwiches and grilled cheese sandwiches are two of the best sandwiches ever, and how if you whack a couple of slices of bacon inside a grilled cheese sandwich it gets even better? Well get ready to make it about five times better than that with the bacon wrapped grilled cheese sandwich.

It’s pretty much everything that the name suggests it to be – a grilled cheese sandwich wrapped in bacon. The good news is that it’s also completely easy to make. Check out the instructions below. Then just enjoy it.

Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese 1

1. Lay 5 strips of bacon on a cutting board.

2. Make a sandwich with two pieces of bread and cheese, then lay it on top of the bacon strips.

3. Wrap the bread in the bacon.

4. Lay down another 5 strips of bacon perpendicular to those previous.

5. Lay the sandwich on these and wrap it again.

6. Sear both sides in a pan for 5 – 10 minutes. Then cut it in half.

Mmmmmm. How good does that look? It tastes even better, trust me. Add some BBQ sauce into the sandwich for even more deliciousness.

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