‘World’s Hottest Grandma’ Lauches Topless 2021 Calendar After Being ‘Shadow-Banned’ By Instagram

GILF city.

It’s crazy to think that ‘sexy calendars’ are even a thing any more, but I guess it’s only fitting that the “world’s hottest grandma” is releasing her own on OnlyFans to take her fans into 2021.

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Having clashed with Instagram and TikTok over her racy uploads in the past, 50-year-old Gina Stewart has found that she has free rein to share whatever she likes on OnlyFans, telling The Daily Star:

I’m selling it through my store just in time for Christmas. I think it’s the world’s first OnlyFans calendar.

I think I am successful because my page is a huge tease unlike others who give a lot away for free and show everything they had for breakfast.

Aside from selling photos, videos and calendars on OnlyFans, Gina says men also pay her to rate their penises:

I get requests for customised content a lot of the time. (Fans ask for) happy birthday messages or wakeup calls… But the rate my penis craze is just the funniest trend.

I have been paid to rate the most well-endowed to the smallest. I think men just love to know a woman’s thoughts on what we really think about them. They must feel safe with doing this on OnlyFans.

Welp, I’m not buying what she’s selling, but I sure respect the hustle:

Geez, how weird would you feel if your grandma looked like that?

Still, what a way to bounce back from her Instagram ‘shadow-banning’ and all the other issues she’s faced sharing her nudes on social media. There’s just something about calling yourself the “world’s hottest grandma” that really does it for a lot of guys out there. Taking it old school with a topless calendar like it’s still the 90s or something? Gina Stewart might just be a marketing genius!

Not sure what kind of weirdo you’d have to be to pay Gina to rate your penis (especially if she doesn’t have kind things to say about it), but different strokes for different folks, I guess. Big up Gina Stewart – 50-year-old grandma and marketing mastermind.

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