The ‘World’s Hottest Grandma’ Thinks She Is Being ‘Shadow-Banned’ By Instagram

Could it be?

‘Shadow banning’ is the act of blocking or partially blocking a person’s content on social media, so that less people see their activity but it’s not apparent to the user that they have been ‘banned’.

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The user might notice less engagement on their content, leading suspicious to arise. That appears to be the case with Gina Stewart AKA the world’s hottest grandma. The 48-year-old is sure that she is being shadow-banned on Instagram as they crack down on ‘inappropriate’ and ‘sexually suggestive’ content.

We’re talking this sort of content:

Gina says:

This is something that not many people know about but it’s a form of censorship.

Instagram has targeted my account, my account has followed the guidelines and the Instagram rules,

My account is tasteful and artistic, glamorous and reflects that older woman can be beautiful. Life is not over once you turn 40.

Well that’s just completely unacceptable from Instagram, isn’t it? I mean do they hate grandmas or something? After all every other Instagram account is a supermodel racking up hundreds and thousands of likes and followers for posting similar pictures every day. Are Instagram not fans of GILF material?

The shadow ban means that Gina gets fewer messages like this under her photos:

Don’t worry though everybody, because Gina will continue to fight, even through the hard times:

P.S. Yes Gina is a certified grandmother even though she’s only 48. How would you feel if your nan was getting her tits out on Instagram? Seems like it would make Christmas dinner a little awkward.

For the grandma who says that the secret to keeping young is having sex with toyboys in their 20s, click HERE. Wonder if Gina shares the same outlook?


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