World Of Warcraft Gamer Forgets To Turn Off Live Stream Before Having Sex

Webcam sex

Accidental webcam performance.

Pro-tip: If you’re doing a live streaming session of a game, make sure you turn your camera off once you’re done.

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You would’ve thought that this would be obvious, but quite a few people have forgotten in the past, leading to disastrously embarrassing results. Case in point, this World of Warcraft player Murdaralph, who learned the hard way after footage of him having sex with his girlfriend leaked online.

Murdaralph was livestreaming a game of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria when he accidentally left the live stream on, much to the delight of his fellow gamers. Although the video below doesn’t actually show the bit where him and his girlfriend have sex, you can easily find it online if you search his name. We can’t really post full sex scenes on here, but you can see the pair in the post-sex shuffle before Murdaralph realises he’s left his live stream on:

Lol, you’ve just got to love that reaction. “Oh no.” The camera couldn’t have been in a clearer spot. It appears that was the day that Murdaralph and his girlfriend became webcam stars without even realising it.

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