World Buckfast Day Is Coming Up This Saturday



Buckfast is something of a phenomenon in the drinking world as it perhaps get people the most hammered they’ve ever been in record time and it turns out that it’s so popular that there’s actually an international day of its celebration coming up this Saturday May 13th.

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The imaginatively titled World Buckfast Day is the brainchild of Michael Ork and the guys over at Wreck The Hoose Juice and the rules state that it can be celebrated anywhere and in any way, as long as people are responsible. Not sure if that’s going to be the case if they’re contemplating drinking a shit load of Buckfast – that isn’t a responsible action in its own right – but I suppose you’ve gotta say fair play for at least encouraging that kind of event.

There are a number of venues all over the world having special promotions for the big day, and you can find them listed below, alongside a bunch of pictures of how people spent it last year:

Buckfast 1

Buckfast 2

Buckfast 3

Buckfast 4

Buckfast 5

Buckfast 6

– The Forum Bar, Jersey
– Driftwood, Glasgow,
– Bloc+, Glasgow,
– Big Tree, Coatbridge
– Top of the town, Omagh
– Stretford Sip Club, Streford
– Bondi teaGardens, Bondi, Australia
– The Pipers Inn, halls head, Australia
– Craigs bar, Ayia Napa
– SwiftDrinks based in Australia are giving 15% for the day
– D-Bees (the ones that made the easter eggs) are selling 12 bottles for £72
– The Lodge Barna Mustards in Galway have been posting receipes for a 4 course Bucky meal and also sell Buckfast mustard.

Buckfast 7

Buckfast 8

Buckfast 9

Buckfast 10

Buckfast 11

Buckfast 12

Well, it looks like all of those guys really did have a whale of a time celebrating World Buckfast day huh, although to be fair it kind of looks like they drink it all the time anyway, so it probably wasn’t that different to most weekends for them. Probably not going to participate myself – the thought of Buckfast mustard makes me sick – but if you are I wish you all the best and remember: BE RESPONSIBLE.

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For more Buckfast, maybe check out this Buckfast Easter Egg for next year. The perfect gift for the religious alcoholic in your Christian family.



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