You Can Now Buy A Buckfast Easter Egg Complete With A Pen And Lighter

Buckfast Easter Egg 1

As if Easter wasn’t good enough already.

Easter to me has never really become stale or boring – it’s great that you wake up and get a bunch of chocolate eggs, and maybe even have a little hunt for them if you’re lucky. But apparently other people aren’t satisfied with it at all and feel the need to turn it up a notch, which is why we’re now reading about the Buckfast Easter Egg.

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In case you’re unfamiliar with Scottish people or have never travelled to Scotland, Buckfast is basically their national alcoholic drink. It’s a cheap tonic wine that gets you absolutely fucked so that you end up with no memory of what you’ve been doing and waking up in a skip with no clothes on in a completely different city to where you started drinking. It’s that kind of business – and now you can get an Easter Egg of it, courtesy of the guys at d-Bees in Lurgan, Co. Armagh.

Buckfast Easter Egg 2

Buckfast Easter Egg 3

Sweet that you get a pen and a lighter with it too – never know when they’re going to come in handy on a binge. Need the pen to write down your name and address on your arm so you remember it probably.

Anyway, if you’re struggling to get that special someone in your life something awesome for Easter then you know what to get them now. Just don’t expect to see them for a few days afterwards. Maybe that’s what you want though.

The egg is apparently available in Scottish stores already for the reduced price of £8.99 for regulars and £10.99 for first timers, and will be available online on April 1st. That kinda makes me think it’s not actually real, but I suppose we’ll see. Fingers crossed someone sends me one for Easter, DM me for my address.

If this still doesn’t satisfy everything you want at Easter, then check out this Easter Egg made out of cheese as well. Getting creative in 2017.


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