This Dude Built A Working LEGO Exoskeleton

LEGO Exoskeleton

One step away from being Iron Man.

As we all know, LEGO has many, many uses – you can even use it to make a braille machine that will revolutionise the industry if you’re as smart as this 13 year old kid – but this might be the dumbest purpose we’ve seen it used for yet.

A 29 year old guy called Milan Seikz wanted to make a suit of armour Iron Man style out of his LEGO collection but unfortunately didn’t have enough pieces to get anywhere near close to doing that. Instead, he decided to make a fully functional exoskeleton arm. I’m not sure what he means by fully functional – it’s basically just a LEGO exoskeleton that you put over your arm and it doesn’t look like it has any special laser beam features or anything like that – but that’s how he’s described it so I’m rolling with it. Maybe he was trying to rock something COD: Advanced Warfare style?

Check it out on the following slides:

Lego Exosekelton 1

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