Intense Video Footage Of Police Shooting The Woolwich Attackers Has Emerged (NSFW)

Woolwich Shooting

Everyone knows what happened in Woolwich a couple of days ago, but a couple of videos have emerged of the police shooting the suspects as they ran over to attack them. It’s pretty grim viewing.

Woolwich Shooting

There isn’t really much to say about this – everyone knows what happened in Woolwich a couple of days ago and what has been happening since but these new videos show events in an even grimmer light, if that’s even possible.

Obviously they’re pretty intense as they show two people running at the police with knives/weapons/machetes and then getting shot, so if that’s the kind of thing that is likely to upset you then I would recommend not watching it. If it isn’t then you can check it out below.

The first video is filmed from above and is kinda blurry and you can’t really see that much, but the guy thoughtfully(?) decided to include a slow motion action replay of it, which is just kinda gross and bizarre and weird.

The second video is only really the aftermath because they guy seems to have filmed his jacket rather than the actual event. It’s still really intense and horrible though.

You can check them out below, but again be warned they’re pretty intense and disturbing:

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