Women Share The Things They Carry To Protect Themselves When Running

This is unbelievable.

If you’re not a moron, you don’t go running through horrifically unsafe areas after dark and in areas that are not well lit. If you’re worried about rapists and criminals, it’s probably a good idea to run at times and in places those people don’t tend to hang out.

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Even when taking these measures though, most women are terrified of being attacked every time they go jogging and that’s why they take weapons with them every time. That’s according to this Tweet that went viral the other day:

Here are the responses it got – pretty illuminating:

Seems dogs are a popular choice. If some creep is stupid enough to attack you while you’re running with the family pit bull, it probably won’t end too well for them.

Plenty of other options if you don’t have a dog though:

Guns! Knives! Basketball socks stuffed with sharp rocks! These women are not messing about. Honestly it must suck going for a run strapped with a weapon and not even being able to listen to music because you’re worried some perv is going to attack you out of nowhere. But then some women have been conditioned to be on constant alert for their safety, and who can blame them with some of the nut jobs we’ve got running around.

Not sure I fully agree with the original Tweet’s “in case you wondered what being a woman is like”, but I guess that’s the bait she needed to add to make the Tweet go viral.

BTW, you also got people like this responding:

Bet they’d both be happy to get run over for the cause and all.

For the female marathon runner who was told her ‘revealing’ outfit was the reason ‘why joggers get raped’, click HERE. Bang out of order.


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