Female Marathon Runner Told Her ‘Revealing’ Outfit Is The Reason ‘Why Joggers Get Raped’



A US college professor and mother was told her running outfit is the reason joggers get raped by strangers… and I can’t believe I even just wrote that sentence.

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Event organisers shared the picture of Dr Laurah Lukin running a half marathon in Ohio on Facebook – what followed was a series of derogatory comments.

One stranger even replied to a message that complemented Lukin’s appearance, saying:

That’s because she doesn’t have any damn clothes on and she’s running for her life…No wonder joggers get raped.


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The professor at the University of Cincinnati refused to let this comment rest and so decided to write a blog post about it, which has since gone viral. The post said:

It is not my responsibility to choose a race outfit or workout apparel to deter the temptation of men. The length of my shorts is not an indication of interest, invitation or consent.

Instantly, my brain started rationalising and justifying my race outfit.

Then I paused. I was immediately disappointed that my gut reaction to this man’s horrific comments was to defend my wardrobe choice.

There were photos from the race of shirtless men, men in short shorts, men in tight shorts; yet he did not feel motivated to comment on their potential for inviting sexual assault.

Although the comments have since been removed, Lukin said:

He continues to refer to me online as a frail, oversensitive ‘snowflake’ and mock the seriousness of rape culture.

I hope that by speaking out, others will be encouraged to speak out as well and help change that culture, because with enough snowflakes, you can cause an avalanche that transforms the landscape.

Damn straight Lukin – it’s more important to challenge rape apologists rather than silence them. This guy is a disgusting example of the attitude held by many people out there and the more they are challenged, the more things will start to change. Just because a woman wears a short skirt or a low cut top does not make it an invitation for sex. I can’t believe people have to still argue this point in 2017, but here we are.

For more people who need to be challenged on their attitude towards rape, check out what Paris Hilton said about Donald Trump recently.



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