Female BFFs Seeing Each Other Naked For The First Time Makes For An Interesting Video

Well now this is an exciting experiment.

These videos where you get a bunch of people together and have them do something conventionally uncomfortable/weird seem to be all the rage these days. I’m sure all these people must work for Buzzfeed or something, because blondie (image above) was definitely in the video we posted yesterday where people stopped masturbating for 30 days.

Anyway, this time we’ve got female best friends checking each other out naked for the first time:

Wow, she even bent over to give the other girl a good look at her butt hole. That’s what real friendship is all about I suppose. Although I actually thought female best friends got naked around each other all the time? Guess not.

P.S. I suppose the obvious next stage is do to the same thing with male best friends? Sadly, this guy won’t be able to participate.


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