Woman Who Attacked 80-Year-Old Unmasked Man On Plane Is Former Playboy Model & Baywatch Actress

The infamous Delta Karen has been identified as Patricia Lombardi – a former Playboy model and Baywatch actress.

So this happened right before Christmas Eve last week. You’d think flying home for Christmas to see family and friends after the nightmare year we’ve all had, people would be more relaxed and easy-going. But nope! That would be giving humanity too much credit.

Well according to the NY Post, it turns out the Delta Karen is 51-year-old Patricia Cornwall; an estate agent who used to be an NFL cheerleader, has appeared in Playboy, and was also on an episode of Married With Children in 1989.

Using the name Patty Benton, Patricia also had a short stint on Baywatch…

Patricia was accused of causing a midair “disturbance” that led to the “injury of fellow passengers and Delta employees”, and was arrested upon landing in Atlanta. I’m not sure why she cared so much about this 80-year-old man not wearing a mask, especially given she wasn’t even wearing hers properly while having a go at him. And then the ultimate hypocrisy – spitting in the guy’s face! While moaning about the dangers of not wearing masks! Unbelievable. Although I guess she did show him first-hand about the dangers of transmissibility. Gotta give her that.

Let’s round this off with some more photos of Patricia in her heyday!

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