Woman Catches Cheating Fiancé After His Secret Wife Appears As Suggested Friend On Facebook

Amanda Paul

Double life.

A mum of three kids was happily planning her wedding when she made a shocking discovery about her fiancé.

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Amanda Creighton, 32, from Newcastle was over the moon when Paul McHugh’s popped the question. However, his web of lies unfolded when his wife popped up as a suggested friend on Facebook.

Amanda Creighton

Amanda has now spoken out after learning the truth about the man who told her his name was Chris Walker. The couple had met on website Free Dating back in 2013 and it became Facebook official just months later.

Soon into the relationship Chris announced that he had to go away for six weeks to Dorset. Amanda said:

I offered to visit him, but he refused. I thought it was weird, but just assumed he was busy.

I know now that he spent the whole time with his wife while she had his baby.

Paul McHugh

Chris totally ignored Amanda’s calls and texts and when she called him out on his weird behaviour, he proposed to her. Alarm bells should have been ringing, but Amanda was too excited.

However, in 2014 her life was thrown upside down when she saw a photo of him hand in hand with another woman on Facebook. It eventually emerged that the woman was his wife.

He’d been lying to me about everything. I was absolutely devastated – and furious.

I confronted him over the phone and as soon as I said, ‘your name is Paul’, he hung up straight away.

I threw his stuff out of my house then I messaged his wife but she told me I was lying.

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In a bizarre twist, Amanda eventually decided to get back with Chris or Paul or whatever you want to call him after he begged her and promised he’d ended it with his wife. However, after six months he was up to his old tricks and disappearing for days on end.

Despite this, the pair had a baby (what was she thinking?) but the final straw came when Amanda saw a stranger naming and shaming Paul as a cheater on Facebook:

I commented about my experiences with Paul and, hours later, three women messaged me telling me he’d been seeing them at the same time as me.

He had dating profiles on several different websites, all under the name of Chris Walker.

He was so good at lying that he managed to convince us all that he was in love with us.

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Thankfully Paul and Amanda are no more, but you’ve got to feel for the poor wife and girlfriends in this story.

Imagine that – you thought you’d had your entire future sorted and then you find out that you’re just one of the sidechicks. It’s enough to put you off dating for life.

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Although I still don’t think it’s quite as bad as this poor woman who made a sinister discovery after Googling her new boyfriend’s name. I don’t understand how he managed to fit that many skeletons into one closet.


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