Woman Tracks Down Her Anonymous Sperm Donor And Marries Him

Aminah Hart Scott Anderson Leila

Romcom plot?

Australian Aminah Hart, who had a child through IVF, has married her anonymous sperm donor after she tracked him down and they fell in love.

Sounds like the plot to a shitty romcom, no? It all started when Hart chose Scott Anderson out of five possible donors because he listed himself as an Australian cattle farmer who lived off the south coast of Australia and she liked his description as ‘happy and healthy’.

After giving birth to her daughter, Leila, she decided to track him down. Thanks to the lack of privacy on the internet, she managed to find him by searching his name and his profession as a cattle farmer.

She got in contact with him via the official IVF register, which says that legally Anderson was not allowed to meet Leila until she turned 18. But after he saw a picture of his daughter and how much she looked like him, he just tore those rules right up.

Aminah Hart Leila Scott Anderson

They soon met up after that and it all progressed from there. They fell in love, got engaged and are now married. Anderson said:

Neither of us expected it to happen. I fell in love with Leila before I fell in love with Aminah.

It was all odd at the start. But Leila’s beautiful. We arranged to meet once a month. Aminah and I became quite friendly and Leila started calling me Daddy and coming to me all the time.

Hart said:

I was nervous and we were very tentative, but the rapport was really easy. The first thing for me was, ‘phew he’s a nice guy’.

Ah, good for them. Did the whole thing back to front, but they got together in the end. It’s lucky the donor didn’t turn out to be this guy who has had over 800 kids after flogging his spooge online.


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