Watch This Woman Perfectly Sum Up Everyone’s Reaction To The Snap General Election


“You’re joking.”

Unless you somehow managed to avoid the internet and the general public today, you’ll be aware that Theresa May has announced the decision to hold a snap general election on June 8th.

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Many people have announced their dismay at the decision, as we’ve already got enough on our plate politically to worry about. To know that we will be going to the polls again in 51 days time… well, it’s a lot to process.

No one has summed this feeling up better than a woman called Brenda from Bristol. The BBC’s Jon Kay decided to break the news to her – here’s her reaction:

“There’s too much politics going on at the moment.” Damn straight Brenda, damn straight. Can’t wait for the musical parodies of this video.

While we’re waiting, here’s the time David Cameron’s humming was turned into an ‘Evil Tory Theme Tune’.


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