Woman Smashes Up Co-Op After Being Told To Follow Coronavirus Rules

Why are people acting like this?

I’m still finding it hard to believe how angry and violent people have been getting when they’ve been asked to wear masks or follow other fairly simple rules that don’t really impose upon their personal liberty that bad, but here we have another video of a woman smashing up a Co-op after being asked to comply with Coronavirus guidelines. It’s even crazier when you think about all the announcements that were happening yesterday, although this footage has just been released and took place back in May.

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The action takes place in the Co-Op in Lingfield, Surrey, where a woman became very agitated about following the store’s one way system and decided to vent her frustration by smashing a bunch of bottles in the alcohol section and then following that up by throwing milk and eggs around the store as well. It seems very unnecessary.

Here’s what an anonymous store worker had to say about the footage:

One day in May at the height of lockdown, a female customer became very agitated when we asked her to follow the store’s one way system.

She got very angry and started shouting at me and my colleague who were serving customers from behind the protective till screen.

She stormed up to the till screen and just flipped out, punching and kicking it before rushing over to the alcohol aisle where she started grabbing bottles of wine, sending them smashing them to the ground.

Two entire shelves of glass bottles came crashing down. She then picked up a basket containing milk and eggs and threw it across the store.

Just last year I was actually punched in the face by a female customer because I had refused to serve her alcohol as she was clearly intoxicated.

I’m still recovering from the mental strain that this has caused me.

People like me are key workers, we get up every morning to serve the communities in which we live and work.

It simply isn’t part of our job to be attacked and I desperately hope the government does more to help us.

She’s got a point there hasn’t she? At least the CEOs of 23 supermarkets and high street shops have written to the Prime Minister today to try and obtain better protection for their workers, but given the lax response of this government during this entire crisis I doubt we’ll see much come from it. This is why Co-Op decided to release the clip, in order to illustrate what they were up against.

No news on what happened to the woman in the video but I would hope that she has been arrested or at least fined for her behaviour. Kinda seems like she got off scott free though from what the worker is saying though hey?

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